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The Cookie Plan

Hier ein schönes Beispiel, warum ich Hilary Hahn (unter anderem) so liebe... Die größte virtuose Künstlerin, die dieser Planet gesehen hat, seit es Tonträger gibt - und dabei so menschlich, humorvoll, "normal" geblieben - einfach nur wundervoll...

Dear Readers,

Not sure of what my food situation would be on my first trip to South America, I packed various items in my luggage before leaving the States. Rice cakes, canned tuna, etc. As it turned out, I needn't have worried. A few days into the trip, digging in my suitcase for socks, I discovered two boxes of my favorite brand of cookie lying neglected under some folded clothes. Excited, I counted them, and as it turned out, the number of cookies I'd brought exactly matched the number of days left on the tour. This was perfect! I resolved to eat one cookie per day, as a way of checking off each day as it drew to a close.

Four days in to the cookie plan, I had a tremendous urge to eat three at a sitting. I wondered what this would accomplish. I could imagine several scenarios. Either I would somehow manage to magically erase two days from the trip, or I would have to spend a few days without the evening cookie-ritual I was coming to enjoy, or I would run out before the end of the tour. Considering these options and finding none satisfactory, I closed up the box and ran a tally to make sure my cookie count was on target. It was. There was something neat about the symmetry, so I stuck with the plan, finishing the last cookie on the last evening and flying back to the States the next morning for a fresh supply.


(Aus Hilary Hahn's Journal - allerwärmstens zum Lesen empfohlen!)

Wer mehr sehen möchte - hier die Aufzeichnung einer dänischen TV-Show mit Hilary als einzigem Gast.

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